The Right Decision

One from among your brethren you shall set as king over you; you may not set a foreigner over you, who is not your brother. Deut 17:15

Herein is the failure of the American political system. I know this will draw fire from the “separation of church and state” groups but I’ll give it a go anyway.

The political system has failed because Christian’s and the church have failed to vote for God-fearing, born-again men and women.
Too often the vote has been economics or social programs. And too often the economy and social programs have failed.

God clearly says not to set a foreigner over you! A foreigner, to me, is one that does not have my faith. An atheist is a foreigner. A Muslim is a foreigner. A lukewarm Christian is a foreigner.

When Israel had a king that sought after God’s own heart, they prospered. When they had a king that sought after his own heart or to please the people, they were in turmoil.

I’ll admit that I once voted for a man running for President that claimed to be a strong Christian. It was a terrible administration. I realized his idea of Christianity and mine were not the same. He freely intermixed the secular world into his Christian view and it was a disaster.

This year, I do not know what to expect. My concern is no matter which candidate gets in office we will have made the wrong decision.
The right decision is someone with truth, honesty, and virtue.


2 thoughts on “The Right Decision

  1. I have my concerns about Mr. Trump. I have FEAR for our country and our people concerning Mrs Clinton. I believe Mr. Trump can & will bring some order back into our core, and show some common since. I feel so sorry for the Clintons, knowing what the Bible says about those who see not need to repent of any thing. One thing for sure though, Mrs Clinton has brought into the open a staggering number of people just like herself. They have self on the throne of their hearts, full of darkness, desiring innocent blood for their pleasure. For me it is heart breaking, for people in this condition will not meet with Jesus in the air.

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