Memories made at church camp!

The memory of the righteous is blessed… Prov 10:7

We have gone to church camp for the past sixteen years. It is always a anticipated summer event for many in my church.
I have watched as many of our children have grown up and moved on from the ability to go to church camp. They graduate, go to college, or get married.
The church camp experience stays with them. It becomes a favorite memory and some of those that have grown up and moved on still contact me from year to year about the possibility of attending church camp if time, work, and finances allow.

For Ashlyn, this church camp is memorable. This young girl accepted Jesus as her Savior at camp. Yesterday I baptized her in the name of Jesus. For her church camp becomes something she will want to return to year after year. If the memory is strong and stays with her, she will desire to send her own children to church camp someday.

I never went to church camp as a child. I was in my mid forties my first time but I fell in love with it. Despite the heat, the packing, and getting everyone registered, it is a favorite memory for me that I renew year after year.


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