God Supplies

I guess it’s time to tell my story of how God supplied for us.

For quite a while now the transmission in my truck has been having a shudder around 40 mph. At first it wasn’t so bad but it steadily grew worse.
I decided to take it to the Toyota dealership and have them check it out.

Meanwhile Linda and I had been receiving phone calls from one of the oil/gas companies so I called them back one evening. They wanted to lease the mineral rights on our property.
Now they had done that five years ago but that lease had expired.

We met with a representative and she told us what they were offering per acre. It was six times less than the offer five years ago and, honestly, I was very disappointed.
There was no getting her to offer more and others around the area told us it was about as much as we were going to get at this time.
So we accepted the offer.

I cashed the check and stuck the money in the safe and thought about how to best use it. I will tell you it was several thousand dollars.

Now back to the truck.

The Toyota service center ran a diagnostic and told me the transmission was slipping. Their cost to repair made my eyes twirl, so I sought other means to get this fixed. Even the best transmission man in the whole of East Texas said he couldn’t do it.
I had looked at used transmissions but thought of why is it used and has such low miles. Is it damaged? What happens if it doesn’t work? I pondered it over and over in my mind.

Then it dawned on me what God had done.
It is written,

My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Phil 4:19

In my safe was money that I was not planning on getting. I really didn’t know about the leasing of our property until the oil/gas representative had called us. There is no way I could have planned that or made them lease us.

I went back to Toyota and asked the service manager if he would do it for X amount, which was the amount that was sitting in my safe.
He thought about it and said yes.

I told him why I offered that amount. Because it was what God had supplied for me. He smiled and said, “Amen!”
On the wall behind his desk is a drawing, obviously from a child, that depicts the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist.
Although the amount was several thousand dollars, I was okay with it because God had supplied the need.


2 thoughts on “God Supplies

  1. This is what God has done for us. We had to repair our a/c. Which is only 10 years old. For 1200.00. I heard a message about God restoration promises, prayed. A few days later my husband not a believer, received a notice about his retirement profit share amt. $1206.09. He retired in Aug. of last year. We had withdrawn what we thought was all of it. We had to pay taxes , but still left over 900.00 toward repairs!!! Praise God, He is a Restorer!!!

  2. My tranny is doing the same as of 11sept 2015 o don’t have the means and being unemployed but I don’t see provision

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