Choose Life

Therefore choose life, Deut 30:19

The news this morning featured a story about an eagle.

A couple saw something in their field that was dark and white.

They didn’t think much about it because one of the dogs has a dark body and a white face. But upon closer examination they discovered it was an eagle.

They were able to walk up pretty close to it – enough to snap some pictures with the magnificent bird. It was then they noticed it was favoring one of its wings.

They called authorities who discovered it had been shot. The eagle later had to be euthanized because of those injuries.

It’s a sad thing for any American to see the symbol of our nation treated in such a manner. The authorities are offering thousands of dollars as a reward for information leading to an arrest.

Linda and I thought the same thing at the same time – and thousands of abortions take place every day and a reward is being offered for a bird.

It’s time to choose life for those that cannot defend their own. The eagle is the symbol of our nation and is protected by federal law. But children are the future of our nation and should also be protected when they are most vulnerable.


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