Do not quench the Spirit

When you listen to the Holy Spirit you will find it in conflict with your carnal side – your worldly side.

The Holy Spirit will lead you to do things that your natural being will not be comfortable with.

The Book of Acts is filled of the accounts of the early church under the direction of the Holy Spirit.
The first encounter leads bystanders to believe that the church is a bunch of drunks.

That did not stop the spread of the Gospel or the salvation of thousands.

Do not quench the Spirit. 1 Thess 5:19

I have! I recounted a story from years ago in which I felt led to help an elderly man and his wife sing. He was really struggling that evening. The Holy Spirit told me to go and stand with them and sing.

I quenched it. I justified it. I sat there.

That man died the very next day.

I don’t know if my helping them sing would have spared his life but it would have shown both of them that I cared and loved them.

When you quench (extinguish or put out) the Holy Spirit – it doesn’t just affect you but those around you!

Don’t be like me and fight Him. You will never get that opportunity again.

Abba, I am still convicted by that night and ask Your forgiveness. I forgive myself for my shortcoming and I learn from it. I will strive to listen to You. In Jesus name, YES&AMEN

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