Better Friends

1 Cor 15:33 Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.”

For years I have said, “You have to get some new friends” to certain individuals. The problem is while they are striving to better themselves, they have friends that continually drag them down.

There are those people that have toxic personalities and unknowingly want to fulfill the old saying ‘misery loves company’.

Evil company deceives!
“Oh, come on! No one will know”
“Just one drink won’t hurt!”
“You’ll get home in plenty of time!”

Such things said are as deceptions.

If such company wants you to hide what you’re going to be doing or they have to assure you that it’s not going to hurt – then stay away from it.

Surround yourself with those that will help you; those that will encourage you to do better and not drag you down.

Separate yourself from poisonous, toxic people that will lead you into sin.

Abba, give me those that will encourage me. And let me be an encouragement to others that are trapped by their friends. In Jesus name, YES&AMEN


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