Still Learning

Acts 14:12 Barnabas they called Zeus, and Paul, Hermes, because he was the chief speaker.

I learned something last night at church – too many cooks spoil the broth! Lol

We had a sit down Bible study where everyone was given the opportunity to support two differing views on a subject.

There was a lot of scripture. There were many opinions, including mine. But there was also some confusion, which God does not create.

I’ve been a Christian for forty years and a pastor for twenty-five and I’m still learning!

Last night I learned that any teaching must have a teacher; a chief speaker to keep things orderly.

Too much scripture yields to scripture overload! God’s word says to meditate on His word. That’s because the human mind cannot just hear it and instantly and understand it. God’s word must be revealed to us.

The greatest thing I learned from last night is God’s grace and love are not fully understood by any of us. And salvation is the ultimate message that God wants us to share with others.

Abba, give me Your wisdom to know how to lead others; wisdom to know how to answer others. And wisdom to know when to sit and listen. In Jesus’ name, YES&AMEN


One thought on “Still Learning

  1. We do all need to learn to rightly divide the Word. And that does take time. Thank God the saints are at different levels of understanding, & we can help each other, in “not forsaking the assembly of ourselves”.

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