James 2:23 And he was called the friend of God.

I remember some of my first friends in the old neighborhood. There was Lil’ Pat, Johnny, Stevie, and Rusty. These are the only friends I remember well because all of us played together.

When I got into first grade I met Jack. He was my best friend. By third grade it was Lee.

The years continued and the grades changed and so did my friends. I’ve kept a few friends from high school, like Van and Brent; and I kept a few from college.

It seems that no matter how old I get or where I am, I make friends but Van, Brent, and I remain good friends because all of us have something in common – salvation through Jesus Christ.

I have some really good friends in church because all of us have a common friend!

God has been my friend since we first met in January 1975. I hope that everyone can look at God and me and see that we are friends.

Many of my old friends have gone. I don’t know what happened to Jack. Van still lives around Houston and Brent in Midlothian.

As for God, He lives in my heart!

Abba, thank You for being my friend. YES&AMEN


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