It’s ok to laugh!

Gen 21:6 And Sarah declared, “God has brought me laughter. All who hear about this will laugh with me.”

Laughter is not a sin! In fact, sometimes laughter can be just as sacred as praying.

Laughter is not only an indication of something that is funny but when something is joyful!

The joy of the Lord should fill you with laughter.

There are many comedians that get paid to make others laugh but it’s often as a result of crudeness and vulgarity.

I can make others laugh; though it may be because of some sarcasm on my part, I try never to be crude or vulgar.
I want others to laugh because of the true joy that can only come from the Lord Jesus.

Abba Father, in Jesus’ name, I am filled with laughter because of what You have done for me. You have turned my sadness around and given me eternal joy! YES&AMEN lol


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