Handwriting Analysis

John 8:8 Then he stooped down again and wrote in the dust.

What did He write? I know, but to explain takes a look back.

The first time He wrote anything was on Mt. Sinai where He wrote the Law. (Ex 31:18)

The next time He wrote was on a wall (Dan 5:5) with a message of judgment!

Then He wrote in the dirt in John 8.

Here is my take on it all.

He wrote the Law, which no one can keep. That leads to judgment and condemnation, which everyone deserves.

But in the dirt He wrote grace!

This woman broke the Law and is judged and condemned to death by stoning. However, Jesus gave grace instead!

I’m so glad He wrote grace in the dirt. Now I can be assured of one last writing – my name in His book of Life!

Abba Father, thank you for Your written word and the promises it gives. I praise You for Your name being written on my heart.
Bless the name of the Lord.


2 thoughts on “Handwriting Analysis

  1. Very interesting Bro. Tim. Another fact, that just came to mind, our father Adam was made from the dirt, formed by the hand of God. How wonderful is our God!

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