recommendPs 108:1 – My heart is confident in you, O God; no wonder I can sing your praises with all my heart!

Someone asks about a good place to shop or eat and you recommend a few places that you really like. There is nothing wrong with doing that. The food is delicious or you got a great deal at the store.

Their car breaks down and you praise a mechanic that did a great job for you. You will recommend that they take their car to him.

The higher your confidence level for an individual or a business, the more you will praise them to others – just because of what they have done for you!

How confident are you in God?
How confident in His ability to save you and care for you?
Think of all the things God has done for you.

That’s reason enough to “sing your praises with all my heart” and to do it to others – to recommend Jesus as Savior for them.

Abba Father, I see the truth in Your word and I see the fault in me. I am faster to “praise” other things to other people, than I am to praise You to them. Forgive me for not seeing this! And in Jesus’ name, I will “recommend” You to others more! YES&AMEN


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