Close Christians

close friendsLuke 8:51 – When they arrived at the house, Jesus wouldn’t let anyone go in with him except Peter, John, James, and the little girl’s father and mother.

You can’t take everyone with you, especially in ministry.

Where you are in spiritual maturity may not be where someone else is – even a close friend. You have to be cautious in what you tell other people about your own relationship with God.
You don’t want to throw your pearls to the pigs! (Matt 7:6)

It’s perfectly ok to share Jesus and the way of salvation but there are some things that a mature Christian does not need to share with non-Christians or even babes in Christ.
You wouldn’t share your ribeye steak with a 2-month old!

On the other side, you need those you can trust and that will understand the big “God moments” in your life – those times when God does something and you just have to share it! For Jesus, it was 3 men – Peter, James, and John.

Find your own Peter, James, and John and keep them close! They are the ones that will pray with and for you. Go with your through thick and thin and even hold you accountable.

Abba Father, help me discern those with whom I can share my intimate moments with You. I praise You for all other believers in my life. In Jesus’ name, YES&AMEN


2 thoughts on “Close Christians

  1. I am very Glad you shared this I have had a few problems because I do not know their Realationship and Understanding of Gods Plan for Their Lives. My own Life has been tremendous attacks one after the other for I cannot remember.Maybe when My life was what you would call sort of picket fence type. Maybe was like that 23 years ago when I fist started to really give my life over to Christ after that my Life has been not easy but Full of the Grace of God and much Mercy and Longsuffering.For God Loves us and We are his Children and He corrects those He Loves.

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