The Beginning & The End – and in between


Gen 32:1 As Jacob started on his way again, angels of God came to meet him.
Jacob was about to meet his brother Esau, whom he had not seen in 20 years. When they last saw each other Esau swore he would kill him.
That was the last words Jacob had heard and the persistent thought in his mind all those years.

But God gave him assurance that He was with him before he met his adversary.

Matt 4:11 Then the devil went away, and angels came and took care of Jesus.

Jesus was tempted by the devil for 40 days. Temptations aimed at breaking the spirit of Jesus.
But it did not.
He stood strong in the Spirit of the Lord and afterwards angels met Him.

God gave Him assurance that He was with Him after He met His adversary.

In either case the message is clear – God is with you before your problems and He is with you after your problems.
He is the Alpha and Omega – the beginning and the end!
He is everything in between and will be with you in between the beginning and the end!

Abba, Father. Praise You for always being there for me – before, after, and everything in between! YES&AMEN


2 thoughts on “The Beginning & The End – and in between

  1. I recently heard a pastor say that because God is not limited by time or space, He is already in the future as well as here in the present. So when I arrive at an event in my life, God is already there waiting for me. I find that very comforting and assuring!

  2. Many read the Bible and are unsure of it’s meaning. So faith is slow in coming forth. Preachers bring forth what they have been lead into by the Holy Spirit, putting together the information that makes a point clear. When I first came to God I could not get enough of reading the Bible. I understood only in part, but I believed it was all for me otherwise God would not have kept it in there through out the centuries. I learned to study… I bought a concordance to help with word meanings. I’d tell God I didn’t understand, and I really wanted to. With in a few days someone would speak on that subject giving me clarity, deepening my faith. After reading how God was with the O.T. saints all the time…David, Samson, Daniel…and then reading how He would never leave me, I believed the Word. And through out the years I have experienced His presences daily. And at times so strongly that I lose awareness of the world I’m in. As quickly as I realize I’ve fallen into temptation, and turn to God I find He is right there & willing to receive me again. What an awesome God is is!

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