New Better Year

happy new year 02Ps 90:10 – Even the best years are filled with pain and trouble;

It’s a New Year – at least for those of us that go by the Gregorian calendar.
I don’t know what 2013 was like for you but it may not have been that different from anyone else.

I sit here this morning and look back at last year and try to think of the bad things that happened. All I can recall is economic – gas, groceries, utilities and taxes just ate everything we had.

On the flip-side I think of the good things. The birth of a grandson and the rebirth of some individuals.
I recall the best church camp ever and a vacation to Ormond Beach, Florida.
I worked all year and got paid every week. I paid off the final truck note and kicked the cat out of the house.
I read my Bible every day, even if it was on my iPhone.
Neither my wife nor I were in the hospital and what medical issues we have can be controlled with diet and pills.
My house is still standing though it is a mess with the grandchildren living with us.
Speaking of which, Haylee and Braeden are doing well and growing like weeds. They are healthy and happy. I rebaptized Haylee this past year and baptized Braeden.
In fact, I baptized almost 20 last year.

Even though the best years may be filled with pain and trouble, it looks like the best part of last year outweighed the worst.

Happy New Year! Let’s keep the faith and make it a better one than last year!


4 thoughts on “New Better Year

  1. amen Pastor Tim. We had a broken relationship w/ our daughter-but the Lord restored. We had the birth of 2 grand sons and the addition of a son through marriage. It was a great year. The good did far out weigh the bad-but only if we choose to dwell on the good and allow the bad to be forgiven and forgotten. Happy New Year to you and Linda.

  2. Pastor Tim , you do not know me personally, but I read your daily posts.
    I saw your comment about your health issues being controlled by diet and pills. I want to tell you about something that has worked for my husband and me for the past 13 years. Along with improving our diet and exercising, we use a concentrated food product called Juice Plus. It is simply God’s fruits and vegetables in capsules or soft chewables. It is backed by significant research. If you are open to the information, please go to my website, You can read the research summary and hear what medical professionals say. You can also contact me from there.
    Thank you. I pray that you have a blessed, healthy 2014.

  3. When right in the middle of a painful moment, whether physical, emotional, financial, no matter, thinking on the “good” things will ease the pain and capitalize our peace. Always trust in the Lord!

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