So long my friend until we meet again!

roy dunnamOne of my oldest and best friends passed away yesterday.

Roy Dunnam and I met in the 6th grade, that was 1969.
He lived behind us a couple of streets in the old neighborhood. When my dad and mom divorced I moved to nearby Baytown but stayed in the same school – so Roy remained a close friend.

He would spend the night at our apartment and we’d glue model planes and cars together.

When we moved back to Highlands I often ended up getting a ride to high school with Roy and Cliff.

After graduation we went our separate ways – I ended up in East Texas and Roy in New Jersey.

This past August our final chat started.

AUG 22
ROY-Tim I need prayers, I was told earlier last week, I have a tumor on my pancreas. There is no apparent cause, I don’t smoke, or drink. the only thing I can pin it on, is maybe 10+ years of various diabetes medications.

Me-I am so sorry. I can and will pray for you. You are one of my oldest friends and I am hurt by this diagnosis. I will have others praying for you. We have seen the Lord Jesus perform many miracles and answer prayer. I love you, my friend.

ROY-All I know is I am in for the fight of my life, and the ONLY way I will come out of this is with God’s grace.

Me-I don’t want to spout scripture. It seems so inefficient in times like this. But it’s all we have to hold on to. It is our example.
Not to put a damper on things… my aunt Era had pancreatic cancer. She was quite a Christian lady. She told her family, “I have taught y’all how to live. Now I’m going to teach you how to die.” She wouldn’t allow anyone to pray for her. She would say, “Pray for the family I leave behind.”
I am not claiming death for you. I speak life into you. I praise God for you life and speak against the tumor, in Jesus name. I speak blessing into your life. I speak healing into your life. May you feel His presence on you, in you, and through you!

ROY-You know Tim I have dealt with a lot of death in my life, my parents, numerous cousins, two friends in the last 3 years (one being Cliff), and I have wondered what the lord was preparing me for. Maybe I was being toughened up to deal with my own mortality. Thank you my dear old friend

Me-I am here for you. I wish we could be together, eye to eye and talk of old times, eternity, and the future. But I will pray for you and my friends will pray for you. My church will pray for you. If God is preparing you then count yourself blessed that He has touched your life.
Tell me… do you know Him as Lord and Savior

ROY-Oh I have been touched more times than you know. And yes I do. that is why I am not afraid to die, I know where I’m going. I’m just not ready.

Me-Like any journey you have to be prepared and ready. I have some friends that are about to go on a cruise tomorrow. They did not wake up today and say, “Hey, let’s go on a cruise tomorrow!” They prepared and planned for this journey. No matter what your outcome or prognosis you continue to prepare for the journey. Be thankful that you just don’t fall over dead; there is no preparation for that. It just happens and catches everyone by surprise. Sudden gives no time for forgiveness, an “I love you” or smiles and hugs. Should this be the end of your journey, you have the time and ability to do all those things.

OCT 18
ROY-How are you old friend. Well I have had surgery, and my first round of Chemo. My faith is still intact(always will be) and am still on my feet.

Me-I am glad you are still with us. Though to be with the Lord is also desirable. How can I pray for you my friend?

ROY-Any way you see fit, I found great comfort in our last conversation,(the part about how we handle hurdles, setting us apart from the rest) Tim that meant a great deal to me, thank you.

Me-Roy, your words to me mean more than you will ever know. I pray the peace and healing of the Lord Jesus on you. I ask Father to release you from this disease and to bind you to Himself. You will receive comfort, love, grace, and healing in Jesus.

ROY-Right now as we talk, I can feel God’s hand on me. You must have a real good connection. God bless you

Me-I have been fasting and seeking God. I am so overwhelmed by Him, more than ever in my life. I love you Roy. My heart was broken when you first told me about this. But my God heals my heart for you.

ROY-I have had several talks with the Lord since this started. He has given me strength I didn’t know was within me. But I know which ever way this goes, it is his will, and I accept it as such.

Me-I am encouraged by your faith. God will bring you through this. His hand is upon you and you are in His presence.

ROY-I’ve always had faith, it is something my mom taught me. It’s just been really exercised lately.
Well I know you are a busy man, I’ll let you go. Keep praying for me, I’ll try to keep you updated. Talking to you is always such a blessing. I will talk to you later my friend.

Me-I will continue to pray for you my brother.

It is written O Lord, who are we that you should notice us, mere mortals that you should care for us? For we are like a breath of air; our days are like a passing shadow. Ps 144:3-4

But God is very mindful of you and me. So much that He gave His only Son so that you and I can have salvation and eternal life.
So Roy can have eternal life.

Roy will not return to see me but I shall go to meet with him someday – a day of my Lord’s choosing!


2 thoughts on “So long my friend until we meet again!

  1. I have days that are filled with sadness when I remember Tracy. While we were at the hospital I called her back. Harold & I saw her eyes crack open. Then I told her if she wanted to stay with Jesus to stay there. The next day a friend of mine told me she was awakened from her sleep and told; “tell Arlene, Tracy decided to stay.” Four years ago this week Tracy went home to be with Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is still working as a Comforter with me. Ooo, how good our God is! When I remember other horrible times in my life I clearly see where the Comforter was with me. He is always with me. He always will be! It’s at trying times like this that His presence is so prevalent. And I know He delights in you Tim, your very life shows it. You are a living testament of His love & presence. I can’t help but love you & Linda.

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