Your Ministry

got ministry

“Be sure to carry out the ministry the Lord gave you.” Col 4:17
Great words from the Apostle – wise words for today! But in those words are the opportunities to help someone else.

I have been pastor at Crossroads since 1999. During that time I have done quite a few jobs around the church. One of those things has been the bulletin. I have done one just about every week since the 1st or 2nd year.
Not anymore!

By turning over something as simple as the bulletin to another person, I have enabled them to carry out the ministry that the Lord has given them. Plus the one that is doing it now is a scrapbooker. Don’t you know the bulletins are going to be something now.
I did it out of necessity. She will do it out of passion and talent.

You have talents and abilities that you can do but you need to share some of that responsibility with others to allow them to also carry out their ministry.

It’s only taken me all these years to start letting go of these things and use the talents of the flock God has entrusted to me.

This same principle is also a good one to use in social clubs, school, at work, and even in your own household.

One thought on “Your Ministry

  1. As great as our God is, He deals with us in a simply way. Ministries come in all sizes, being a wife, a mom, of course a preacher, and many other things. The biggest one of all is simply to love the Lord. Then He will us us according to His perfect will.

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