If it’s called a Fast, then why is it so slow? (Pt 3)

Fasting4Gal 5:16 – let the Holy Spirit guide your lives.

Though I wasn’t planning on fasting any longer than 1 day, God had another idea. While on the air at KSWP radio, something happened at 6:15 that Thursday morning.

I wasn’t reading anything or really thinking about anything but I started crying. I felt the Holy Spirit come on me so strong that I just burst into tears.
You can imagine how this affected the radio show.

I actually said on air that God was dealing with me on some things and I was really struggling to keep my composure. I also said that I really didn’t care right then how I sounded – cracking voice and sniffling.

That day I began praying and asking God what He wanted.
He wanted me to continue fasting.

I shared this with my wife. I had to! She had seen me fast once before some 15 years ago and it was life changing. She would need to know that I was not eating.

On Friday I filled in again on air, and did just a little better. That changed that afternoon.

The station management had decided to have everyone read a book about Jesus and leadership.
I’m reluctant to read anything except the Bible but that Friday afternoon I took a deep breath and dove into the first chapter.

Much that I read I already believed about the servitude of Jesus. After all He said, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others.” Matt 20:28

The book deals with a pastor whose church has lost confidence in his ability to lead. Families are leaving and the elders are talking behind his back about his effectiveness.
He found out about their feelings and concerns in a board meeting. It just about devastated him.
He asked for a sabbatical, a time to pray and meditate on things, and then reconvene in a few weeks. They agreed.

Now this pastor is one of those that travels to meetings all over the country. Ironically he was working on a video series on leadership.
He writes about riding with a friend to a pastor’s conference in Atlanta, Georgia.
There were 40,000 men present and on stage on Day 2 were Wellington Boone and Dr. Tony Evans.
Wellington turned around, pointed and said, “Dr. Tony Evans is a great man. If I had some water I would wash his feet!”
Out of the crowed of 40,000 a man ran forward and sat a bottle of water in front of Wellington.
Then another man ran forward waving a small towel over his head. He laid it on stage.
Wellington Boone humbled himself and washed the feet of Dr. Evans.

I don’t remember much more of what I read after that. I was in tears again. You see, this story pulled out a memory for me. I could see Wellington on stage. I could see the men running forward.
I was there that day in the Georgia Dome when that happened.
I cried as God dealt with me about humility and being a servant.

I felt the desire to do what Wellington Boone had done – to wash the feet of those in my church – to become their servant.

But God had another idea. More about that next time.

“No,” Peter protested, “you will never ever wash my feet!” Jesus replied, “Unless I wash you, you won’t belong to me.” John 13:8


2 thoughts on “If it’s called a Fast, then why is it so slow? (Pt 3)

  1. Years ago on my way to the funeral home the thought came to me that I would laugh. How odd, I wont laugh with mom lying there in that coffin! Her pastor came in and began telling stories of baptizems gone wrong. In a moment I was transported, in memory, to the very event. We all laughed so hard. I do believe I heard mom laughing too. The laughing lightened the heaviness of the day. How good our God is!!!

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