Truth gives life; rumors give death.

headstone1Last week I saw a Facebook status that brought me grief. It said that Paul Ffrench, class of ’76, had died.
Paul was one of my friends and it pained me greatly to know that this had happened, despite the fact that I have not seen Paul in 35 years.
Other high school friends were also grieved.
And so began our quest to find out when, where, and how this happened.

I began to search the Internet. If someone has died, there has to be an obituary somewhere.
Now, unknown to me the others were doing pretty much the same thing.

I found where Paul’s dad had died and he was one of the surviving children.
I found Paul’s marriage.
I found those that may be related to him. Some of those names I also found on Facebook so I messaged one of them. I explained who I was and what I was doing.

I message the originator of the status that said Paul had died. She put me in touch with the person that told her. I then messaged that person, from whom I have yet to hear.
After searching for several hours I could not find an obituary.

The next day I arrive at work and began doing my show-prep when I hear the familiar sound of a Facebook message.
I nearly fell off my chair. It was from Paul Ffrench, who said that rumors of his death had been greatly exaggerated.
That’s an understatement.

It seems the one relative I contacted was his nephew, who emailed Paul, who then messaged me.
I don’t know how this rumor mill started but I know how it ended.
I also know the only real source of truth is in the Bible and I’m going to stick more to what it says.

I found these words, “I tell you the truth…” said by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
The Gospel writers record in combination that He said it 68 times, including “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes has eternal life.” John 6:47
What a great reminder that truth brings life and rumors bring death!
I’ll stick with the truth!


4 thoughts on “Truth gives life; rumors give death.

  1. Rumor, or unwanted truth, either has the same results. Confusion, anger, hate, murder, destruction. Not from our God & Father! Truely keeping our trust in our God, “The Truth”, keeps us free from the grips of the ugliness’ of the enemy. Yes it hurts when a loved one goes home to be with God. But the joy of it is knowing where that one is, with God! This world is growing stronger & bolder in it’s sin. And in it’s distance away from the only true God. If it were not for God drawing us into repentance, to the cross of Christ, we too might now be standing against “God”, & those who claim to know Him. I am so unashamed of my Lord. And so fearful for those who don’t / or wont except the truth of Salvation. They simply don’t understand.

  2. Van and Brent, I know we’re all getting older but it’s just kind of sad to think about our gang dying on us. I remember when Van told me about Barnett. That really bothered me and still does to some extent. I saw where Dotty Bastian passed away and that hurt too. I really like her and we had some good talks together.

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