Transformed by Prayer

transformed by prayerYou may spend an incredible amount of time on the phone, texting, or on Facebook.
If you were to guess how much time you spent doing these things – what would be your estimation.
I know some that always get close to the limit on their thousand minute plan. Continue reading


Transformed by spending time!

transformedWhat you would be like if you could build the ultimate you.
What would you look like? What kind of house would you live in? What would you drive?
And if you could be given a super power, what would it be? Continue reading

Church Camp Day!

Our church camp group in 2004

Our church camp group in 2004

It’s finally here!
It’s a day I really look forward to all year. It seemingly takes forever to arrive and is then gone in no time.
It is Ark-La-Tex Family Church Camp day! Continue reading

Truth gives life; rumors give death.

headstone1Last week I saw a Facebook status that brought me grief. It said that Paul Ffrench, class of ’76, had died.
Paul was one of my friends and it pained me greatly to know that this had happened, despite the fact that I have not seen Paul in 35 years. Continue reading

Goodbye… So long, my friend!

Terry and I at church devo time back in 2009.

Terry and I at church devo time back in 2009.

I am a friend to anyone who fears you—anyone who obeys your commandments. Ps 119:63

Church camp is next week! I am just as excited as the church kids. It’s bittersweet though. Yesterday I received word that one of the adults that had come to camp died in May. Continue reading

A Sword will Devour

bibleswordIf you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured by the sword Isa 1:20

Those words were spoken to Israel during the days of Isaiah. It was a warning to repent from the path the nation was taking. That path was leading to destruction. Continue reading