A Godly Man – 2

pitAnother thought from yesterday on the Godliness of Daniel.
It says that God had given the chief of staff both respect and affection for Daniel. Dan 1:9
I wonder what may have happened if this man did not like Daniel and his friends – if he had treated them harshly. Would it have changed the way Daniel handled everything?
Yes, it would have made him that much more dependent on God.

There are plenty of other men that faces harshness and difficulties but did not turn their back on God.

One of these men is Jeremiah.

This man obeyed God and delivered a very unpopular message. He did not sugarcoat God’s word or socialize it to win approval.

Daniel also gave God’s word and was often rewarded; not so with Jeremiah.

Then the Lord told me about the plots my enemies were making against me. I was like a lamb being led to the slaughter. I had no idea that they were planning to kill me! “Let’s destroy this man and all his words,” they said. “Let’s cut him down, so his name will be forgotten forever.” Jer 11:18-19

It’s not limited to the people of the city – Even your brothers, members of your own family have turned against you. They plot and raise complaints against you. Do not trust them no matter how pleasantly they speak. Jer 12:6

It was Jeremiah that asked God, “So let me bring you this complaint: Why are the wicked so prosperous? Why are evil people so happy?” Jer 12:1
As he proclaims God’s word it is the wicked people around him that seem to prosper. Jeremiah sees this as being unfair. I know how he feels.

God assures Jeremiah, that even though these people seem to prosper, “It has done them no good. They will harvest a crop of shame because of the fierce anger of the Lord.” Jer 12:13

The highlight of Jeremiah’s faith is when he is caught by those that seek to kill him.
The officials took Jeremiah from his cell and lowered him by ropes into an empty cistern in the prison yard. It belonged to Malkijah, a member of the royal family. There was no water in the cistern, but there was a thick layer of mud at the bottom, and Jeremiah sank down into it. Jer 38:6

The only good thing about being in a pit is Jeremiah had no place to look but up!

Jeremiah is another Godly man. Through his obedience to God, he was delivered while the entire city around him was destroyed and the captured survivors are carried to Babylon.
Jeremiah is told by an official, “I am going to take off your chains and let you go. If you want to come with me to Babylon, you are welcome. I will see that you are well cared for. But if you don’t want to come, you may stay here. The whole land is before you—go wherever you like.” Jer 40:4

Be a Godly man and stand on the principles of God’s word. Do not turn away from it. Live by it!


One thought on “A Godly Man – 2

  1. It is an example of a deed for evil being turned for the glory of God. We must learn this lesson & apply to our own lives!

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