Portrait of Godliness.

godlinessWhat does it meant to be Godly?
I’m discovering that it something different for everyone, though your own idea of Godliness may agree with some others.

There was an idea of Godliness before you were born, there was the one you were raised with, and the Godliness of today.

For instance – I remember a girl in my high school class that went missing in my senior year. It was 1975 and the Godliness idea is much different from today.
So what happened to her?
She was unmarried and got pregnant. Her parents sent her to a half-way house. This was the Godly thing to do in 1975.

Today it is much different. I have witnessed many girls in high school that are unmarried and pregnant. They continue to sit in class and graduate. I am glad that these young women get to continue their education and graduate but their chances of being able to go to college are greatly diminished with the responsibility of a child. Life will be difficult for them.

You may think the 1975 idea was barbaric and very Victorian but it is what happened. The same thing would have happened in my parent’s time in high school and their parents before them.

My youngest daughter was one such girl that this happened to! We did not ship her off to another town to study and have the baby. She continued her schooling and graduated. However she never got to go to college. Her life has been difficult at best.

For all the young women that find themselves in a similar situation of difficulty, it could have all been prevented by saying, “NO!” No to a physical relationship before marriage!
That’s not the norm today.

Is it Godly to have such a relationship before marriage?
I say it isn’t but someone else from today’s generation may say it is! They may say that if you really love the other person it is ok.
The ultimate source for Godliness is the Bible. What does it say?

Eph 5:3 – But fornication and all uncleanness or covetousness, let it not even be named among you, as is fitting for saints;

I invite you to dig out your dictionary and lookup the definition of fornication. This act is not to be part of the life of a saint – someone living a Godly life.
This verse is not just for young ladies, it is also for the young men!

Perhaps just one verse is not enough evidence. It should be. God should not have to repeat Himself over and over.
But He does!

Col 3:5 – Therefore put to death your members which are on the earth: fornication…

The portrait of Godliness is found in following the Lord Jesus with your whole heart.
You must develop a Godly relationship with the Savior in three areas: the fear of God, the love of God, and the desire for God.
Godliness is a discipline that focuses on God. Out of the discipline will arise a character and conduct that is usually thought of as Godliness.

Godliness is never complete but is a constant, vigilant exercise to develop a God-centered life and relationship with Him.

Godliness is dependence on God for living.


One thought on “Portrait of Godliness.

  1. I have learned that because believers are all at differing levels of understanding (faith) grace & mercy must be extended. Each individaul must be allowed to learn without be condemned by other believers. Rather we must prayerfully support & guide the weaker. Where would any of us be it Father God took His hand off us.

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