Whole Heartedly

whole heartI was telling someone the other day that you can only do one thing and put your whole heart into it – to do it with excellence.

Driving is a great example. By itself, you can do it very well. Add texting or talking and the results are completely different, as you learn from watching the evening news.

When you add another item you can no longer do one thing with your whole heart, just half; no longer with excellence but pretty good.

Add a third or fourth and you’re lowering your ability to do anything whole heartedly and excellent.

Take something like parenting. There have always been other things to do but the family was involved.

Mom’s once stayed home while the dad went to work. Mom devoted her time to cleaning, cooking, and raising the children. These three things combined to create her home, which she took care of with her whole heart, though divided her time among the three.

In an agrarian society the children would end up in the field and barn area, helping to sustain the family.

When dad had a trade the son would often work with him and learn the same trade. Daughters often stayed in the home with mom and learned how to cook, clean, and mend clothing.

At the end of the day the family sat around the table and ate a meal. They talked about the day’s events or perhaps the children practiced reading from the family Bible.

Now both parents work and children are put in childcare or come home from school to stay with a friend until a parent gets home.

Very few families sit around the table. Very few talk. Kids are busy playing the PS2, listening to the iPod, or texting friends.
Washing, cleaning, and cooking are now done after mom and dad both do a hard day’s work.

It is written, let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name. Ps 103:1

Is your time spent with God done with your whole heart?
Do you let distractions take your attention away from prayer or meditating on God’s word?
As pastor, I see how many are distracted while the praise is going on or the sermon is being preached.
Perhaps during the preaching you may be wondering where to go eat after the service. Or maybe thinking about all the work you have to do at home once you get back.
A report due tomorrow, the grass needing mowing, and a vacation starting this week can all add to distracting you and keep you from praising the Lord with your whole heart.

When it is time to spend time with God, set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth (Col 3:2) and do it with your whole heart.


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