Earth Day – End of Days

Last Saturday was Earth Day and I missed it!

I’m just so disappointed in myself (he says tongue-in-cheek). Continue reading


Thus Says…

What can we learn by listening to false prophets, fake teachers, pseudo-Christians, and doctrines of demons?

Much! Provided the listener is well rooted in the absolute truth of God’s word.

For instance, in the days of Jeremiah, a prophet named Hananiah came along and said, “Thus speaks the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, saying: … Jer 28:2 Continue reading

Come, Make Us Gods That Shall Go Before Us

Why are there so many religions and mini-religions inside religions?

Why is it that within Christianity there is such a diversity of denominations with so many extreme views of the same Book?

The answer is obvious and comes out of the book of Exodus. Continue reading

Who Is Calling?

The telephone rang and the Caller ID told us it was one of our church members.

Linda answered the phone with a hearty, “Hello!”

The voice on the other end paused for a moment and then said, “I must have the wrong number.” Continue reading


Over the past weekend, Linda and I got away for a few days to do some caching.

We found this this intriguing family mystery spanning more than 135 years is told by three tombstones lying behind a rusting iron fence in a small East Texas cemetery called Laurel Hill in Coldspring, Tx. Continue reading

He Who Controls The Food Controls The World

I was told about a Prophecy In The News video describing the nationalization of our food chain starting with farming.

Here is the article from


House Resolution 875, or the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, was introduced by Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn, in February. DeLauro’s husband, Stanley Greenburg, conducts research for Monsanto – the world’s leading producer of herbicides and genetically engineered seed. Continue reading